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14 October 2006 @ 01:10
PS - Chapter 3 - The Letters from No One  
Comments on Chapter 3 of Philosopher's Stone are here.
Ianus Incantatusjanus_incantus on 11th November 2006 22:19 (UTC)
Mrs Figg's Suspicious Injury - Part II
This chapter sheds more light, or rather more obscurity, on Mrs Figg's curiously broken leg. It is suggested she got the injury tripping over one of her cats. Provided the number of cats she has, this is not impossible, but she has been living with them for ages, so she should be quite used to dodging them.

I wonder if she could have got the injury from some much more dangerous activity. Could it even be related to the fact that Dumbledore and Flamell knew the Philosopher's Stone was in danger?