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07 October 2006 @ 08:13
Ianus's Opening Statement  
Here’s some information on where I’m coming from with this re-read. Kind of position statement at the beginning. My views may drastically change during and as a result of this project.

As I’m a late convert to Potterism (it happened Christmas 2004), I’ve read only read most of the books twice. Therefore, there are certainly going to be many things I’ve previously missed or misinterpreted. However, I’ve read a lot of analysis by other people in HP-related discussion fora, so I do possess some preconceptions.

First of all, I think the influence of the third person limited omniscient narrator – aka ‘Harry Filter’ – is quite prominent. As a result, we see people and events coloured by Harry’s feelings. I should probably point out that this leads (among other things) to my assumption that Snape is firmly on the good side, and in reality much less nasty than he appears in the books. There are similar implications regarding other characters, but more on those with the commentary.

The Harry Filter issue also implies that the four chapters where the filter is absent, namely ‘The Boy who Lived’ (SS/PS Chapter 1), ‘The Riddle House’ (GoF Chapter 1), ‘The Other Minister’ (HBP Chapter 1) and ‘Spinner’s End’ (HBP Chapter 2), are of particular interest.

Another line of investigation is looking at the less analysed characters as potential informats, such as Hagrid and McGonagall.