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12 November 2006 @ 17:52
PS - Chapter 4 - The Keeper of the Keys  
Comments for Chapter 4.

Post away!
wandrin_dreamer: Cheekypan_alchemist on 29th November 2006 15:37 (UTC)
Re: Hagrid
Well... yes. Hagrid does generalise awfully. But the fact that we know that means that Harry knows that too (the 'filter').

And just a note on Hagrid giving "an idealised view on Harry's parents". Anyone who is going to tell a child that their parents are anything less than good, is rather heartless. And heartless is one thing we know Hagrid isn't. It is also very difficult to look at people you admire or like and see their flaws.

wandrin_dreamerpan_alchemist on 29th November 2006 16:13 (UTC)
Re: Hagrid
Hagrid's Devotion to Dumbledore

"Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me."

Vernon got a much bigger reaction from Hagrid after insulting Dumbledore than he did after, in my opinion, a much more nasty attack on the Potters.

Why is Hagrid so devoted to Dumbledore? Is it because Dumbledore didn't think he opened the Chamber of Secrets?